Collapsable Backpacking Lantern


Headlamps are an essential tool for the outdoors, compact, lightweight and versatile they are part of every outdoorsmens’ kit, however, unlike a lantern, they inhibit conversation at the campsite. I took the chance adapt the headlamp to promote conversation without the need to carry a separate lantern.


As an avid outdoorsmen, I noticed how often my partners and I avoid eye contact during nighttime conversations while wearing a headlamp, but a portable lantern is extra weight that is unnecessary, especially on long rugged adventures. 


I took inspiration from camping lanterns, Japanese paper lanterns and origami tessellations.


I started with paper to develop the shape and tabbing system, moving to mylar mock-ups once I was satisfied with form.

Final Form

Made from thin, lightweight mylar sheet, the lantern collapses to only 3/4 of an inch thick. Unfold the packing tabs, expand the lantern, insert your headlamp in the top and fold the tabs back.

The lantern is tabbed together, with no need for glue.